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September 21, 2017

Challenge: My child’s ACT/SAT scores are less than average

Linda was a conscientious student who prepared thoroughly for every assignment and test.  She paid attention in class, took copious notes, did extra-credit assignments and turned in all of her homework assignments on time.  When it came time to train for the SAT & ACT tests, she had one-on-one tutoring with a reputable tutor, and allowed double the amount of time suggested to prepare for the tests.  The outcome was disappointing; her scores were less than average.  The tutor recommended that she focus only on areas of weakness and retake the tests. Even with additional instruction and practice, her scores remained unchanged and after 3 tries, Linda decided not to take the tests again.

Tips from the Pro:

The fact is that some students just don’t test well.  Admissions policies change frequently, so check with each school for the most recent test guidelines.  Look for colleges where the test is optional or not required.  Many colleges do not require the SAT/ACT because they do not think the tests are a good measure of the skills they require. Other schools discount the importance of the scores because they feel that the tests favor students from higher socioeconomic groups. Scores that are less than average will not prevent your child from attending college or having a great college experience. If your child’s scores are less than average, know that there are many great college options for your child!



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